An enterprise-ready compliance platform

Laika combines an intuitive space for storing, sharing, and managing the components of your compliance program with an expert concierge service well-versed in all security frameworks.


Compliance pros to guide you through

Laika’s concierge team will review your existing policies and procedures and lay out stage-appropriate steps to compliance. Pass audits with flying colors and establish a strong security program going forward.

  • Get a detailed task list, timelines, and step-by-step instructions on how to close each gap.
  • Learn best practices for each standard and get tool recommendations and training programs to ensure you meet them.
  • Get a comprehensive company risk assessment to share with your leadership team and stakeholders.
  • Get expert guidance on how to close deals with your desired enterprise customer base. Our expertise includes: SOC2 (type 1 & type 2), ISO2700*, HIPAA / HITRUST, NIST CSF, COBIT5.

Knowledge Base

One place to store and share your policies

Laika organizes your policies and controls into a comprehensive system of record, easily mapping them to your desired compliance requirements. Prove compliance to prospects and regulators and save countless hours required to manually document and demonstrate your compliance posture by hand.

  • See all your security policies in a single dashboard.
  • View a comprehensive list of security controls mapped to popular security frameworks.
  • Easily tag, search, and share all of your compliance documents.
  • Actionable to-do lists you actually understand and are able to complete faster.


Security question response tools and library

Laika’s smart question editor and resource library fosters collaboration on vendor security assessments and drastically cuts response time. Trade giant spreadsheets and disarray for a streamlined way to respond to your customers.

  • Import your prospects’ security questions.
  • Respond efficiently to tough security questions with your team.
  • Stores answers to reference on later questionnaires.
  • Search an inventory of policies and controls to drop into answers.

Laika makes compliance a better experience. Learn how we can help you grow securely

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