Make compliance
a way to win

Laika helps companies get certified faster, close enterprise deals, and build scalable security practices that stand the test of any audit.

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Stage-appropriate security guidance

Laika is an enterprise-ready compliance platform that lets companies compete on the same level as any large organization.

We help you create a security program that makes sense for your specific stage and goals, getting you certifications like ISO 27001 or SOC2 and complying with industry regulations like HIPAA or PCI. Our concierge team makes sure you pass all audits and security assessments while our platform provides a collaborative, central place to manage your security and compliance documentation as you grow.

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Get certified faster

Pass audits for SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more with the help of Laika Concierge.

Close bigger deals

Build trust with customers and pass vendor security assessments with ease.

Plan for scale

Future-proof your company with enterprise-ready compliance and security.

How Laika works

A compliance platform that gets you enterprise-ready without the hassle


A team of compliance experts to help you create and review your policies and provide a clear path to the certifications and standards that are holding you back.

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Knowledge Base

A single place to store and share your policies, track your progress to your compliance requirements, and collaborate with your team on compliance related tasks.

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Knowledge Base


A smart, collaborative security question response tool and resource library that helps you complete vendor security assessments in a fraction of the time.

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Who is Laika for?

High-growth startups

Stay competitive, win more enterprise deals, and build your reputation as a leader in your space as you look toward your next growth stage.

Regulated industries

Meet the most demanding standards in healthcare and fintech from day one. Laika ensures you're compliant with SOC 2, PCI, ISO 27001, and more.

Know where you’re going

Laika's smart answers to security questionnaires are based on thousands of real examples from the world's largest credit card companies, healthcare providers, and financial institutions. With everything easily searchable on the platform, your sales team can spend less time looking for answers and more time with customers.

Customer Testimonials

Shayne Skaff

CEO & Co-Founder, Blooma

"Laika has done a great job of demystifying compliance at Blooma. They have taken us through the necessary steps to give us the best chance of passing various regulatory compliance initiatives on the first go. The Laika platform has been easy to use, and we will continue to use them as an extension of our Blooma compliance team."

Adam Campbell

CTO, Spur

"Laika gives us the confidence to know we are on the right track and always improving. I use the app to establish the compliance practices we need for our customers. And Laika’s Concierge team removes the guesswork on our end by bringing to bear deep compliance expertise. Laika is one of those purchases, you just wish you did it sooner."

Greg Allen

CEO, Pairity

"Even if you are a one or two person startup, it’s worth getting on Laika. The longer you wait to get compliant, the harder it becomes. We would not have received our SOC 2 audit report without Laika, and in many ways they have become an indispensable part of our team."

Enterprise-ready compliance that never slows you down

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