One solution, many frameworks

Your compliance needs will evolve, just like your business. With Laika’s all-in-one solution, you can get started today with SOC 2 then easily expand into future frameworks like HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR and others without repeating your work.

Your all-in-ONE compliance solution

At Laika, compliance will never be a blocker to your innovation. Here you’ll find everything you need to meet compliance requirements now, and as you grow, including technology and expert support.

Compliance automation platform

Your central hub for managing tasks, owners, progress and results

Compliance Automation Platform
Integrated audits

Experience frictionless, high-quality infosec audits completed in a fraction of the time

Integrated Audit
Automated security questionnaires

Complete questionnaires in a fraction of the time with answers automatically pulled from your library, policies and docs

Security Questionnaire Tools

Customer Testimonial

For Reprise, Compliance Is The Differentiator

Evan Powell, Co-Founder of Reprise, saw first hand how SOC 2 became a competitive differentiator and helped them win big deals up-market. In this video, he shares how “having one vendor for everything from the preparation to the audit just made the process so much simpler.” Watch now to hear how they achieved their SOC 2 Type 1 in just a few weeks, all while getting the expertise and guidance they needed to create the proper foundation for a seamless path to SOC 2 Type 2.

Resources for Compliance Education

No Pop-Quizzes, Just Helpful Guidance

We’re here to demystify compliance and make sense of its purpose; to help your business move forward while signaling that you’re operating ethically with safety and privacy in mind. Use these resources to learn the basics, then call on us to help answer the rest.

Compliance Guide: SOC 2 for Startups
Detailed guide for growth-minded founders looking to become SOC 2 compliant for the first time (or for those trying again).
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Free 15-Min AMA with a Compliance Expert
A virtual session with one of our Experts to answer any of your questions about Compliance and the Laika Platform.
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