The complete compliance solution

Make compliance
a way to win

Get certified faster, close enterprise deals, and build scalable security practices to ace any audit.

One platform

Access a holistic software platform. Collaborate with your team, manage projects, author policies, and store procedures, configurations, and compliance artifacts.

Automated and integrated

Automate evidence collection and validate controls across any framework with the most robust suite of integrations on the market.

Powered by experts

Eliminate knowledge gaps and lean on experts each step of the way. Leverage Laika’s knowledge through an assigned compliance architect and customer success manager.

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One platform
Automated and integrated
Powered by experts

Stand out from your competitors

Use decades of expertise and powerful automation and workflow tools to make security and privacy a differentiator.

  • Comply with standards like SOC 2 and ISO 27001
  • Grow securely with smart compliance choices
  • Ensure trust with enterprise customers, partners, and investors
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Built for every compliance need on your growth journey

Laika covers all the bases as your company scales.

Security and Risk Privacy
  • iso27001
  • soc-1-type-1
  • soc-2-type-2-3
  • pci-dss-2
  • hipaa-3
  • gdpr-2
  • ccpa-2
  • pipeda
  • privacy-schield
  • education

The only modern compliance solution built by experts

  • questions-icon 30k+ security questions answered with Laika’s knowledge
  • people-icon 50 years of combined compliance experience
  • check-icon 1k+ audits passed across frameworks
  • employees-icon 3k employees trained on security through Laika

One platform. Fully-stocked feature set. Everything to power growth through compliance.

  • 1
    Compliance Operations The central command for security that scales
    • Easily analyze gaps in security
    • Create and store custom policies
    • Follow tailored playbooks for step-by-step implementation
  • 2
    Audit Management The most elegant and frictionless solution to IT audits
    • Prepare for audit with stage-appropriate controls
    • Execute risk and readiness assessments
    • Breeze through an integrated audit experience
  • 3
    Sales Enablement The easiest way to turn compliance into revenue
    • Land enterprise customers
    • Move upmarket by creating trust in the marketplace
    • Stay compliant while you grow
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Future-proof your business

Grow securely with a CISO-level strategy from Laika’s compliance architects.

Laika offers decades of expertise to help navigate everything from questionnaires to the boardroom.
An assigned compliance architect and a customer service manager guide you each step of the way.

  • Practices and procedures built to scale
  • Gap, risk, and readiness assessments
  • Fully managed audit experience

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