Compliance is a good thing.

Compliance is the foundation a company needs to build its reputation, signaling that it is operating ethically, with the safety of its users and stakeholders in mind. But most companies see getting and staying compliant as a burden, since it takes so much detailed work. What if we viewed compliance as an advantage?

At Laika, we live to build strong foundations for growing businesses, ensuring that compliance is never a barrier to progress. 

ONE partner at every step

Compliance automations

Automate to save time and headache: vendor discovery, compliance monitoring, evidence gathering, audit management, security questionnaires, and more.

Expert guidance

Your dedicated Compliance Architect and Customer Success Manager demystify compliance and help build an effective, scalable infosec program.

Integrated SOC 2 audit

Evidence requests are fetched directly from Laika, empowering auditors to deliver highest-quality audit reports 60% faster with 90% less work for you.

One Path

ONE path to SOC 2 compliance

Step 1
Get running in minutes with automated vendor discovery, 65+ SaaS integrations, 100+ automated compliance monitors,…
Step 2
Tailored compliance roadmap with guided workflows, in-app collaboration, bundled penetration testing, and project management support…
Step 3
Expert audit prep services and automated evidence gathering combine for faster, higher-quality audits
Step 4
And beyond
Renew audits, add frameworks, respond to security questionnaires, and maintain continuous compliance