Laika takes the pain out of compliance and gets you back to closing deals

See what it used to be like before we came along:

Old Way

The path to certification is confusing, variable, and lacking a clear authority on implementation methods at companies.

Building a compliance program means cobbling together random policies, procedures, and painfully long documents from someone else’s templates.

You start from scratch on each security assessment or audit. With no repeatable processes and nowhere to see past answers, each questionnaire is difficult.

You use a mix of spreadsheets, shared docs, and email attachments to manage security documents, making it hard to collaborate or find what you need.

You spend hours with lawyers and security consultants who don’t necessarily understand what enterprise customers want.

With Laika

You get a clear, step-by-step path to certification that’s stage-appropriate and comprehensive.

Your compliance program is a unique set of documents that reflect your startup’s approach to security and outlines detailed practices that align with each requirement.

Laika stores your previous vendor security assessment answers for future team members to reference and build upon. Each new questionnaire becomes easier to complete.

Laika is your single, collaborative platform for all things security and compliance. Anyone can find what they need to efficiently move through a sales cycle.

Your dedicated Laika Concierge will guide you through a bespoke and actionable plan to achieve compliance goals. Get ready for a SOC2 audit in weeks, not months. Respond to any security RFI or questionnaire in hours not days.

Laika curbs the chaos with access to affordable, expert guidance

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