The Startup Operations Stack

The Startup Operations Stack

Most companies agree: their people are among their most important and cherished assets. But managing those people—from delivering their paychecks to managing their benefits to tracking their vacation days—can be both complicated and time-consuming.


Enter Justworks, which manages payroll, benefits, and HR with a user-friendly all-in-one platform and 24/7 expert support. Justworks has two plans, and their pricing is upfront.

Why you should include Justworks in your start-up stack:

Laika uses Justworks; we choose the platform because they remind us of, well, us. Justworks is compliance-first and helps businesses manage their payroll, benefits, and HR all in one place, without the messy spreadsheets. They support any employer-related compliance needs, and their customer support experts are just a phone call or Slack away.

In terms of UX, Justworks provides a strong setup of user access. They have configurations to maintain proper segregation of duties and internal controls while still allowing users read-only access to the information needed for reporting.


Gusto makes it easy to onboard, pay, insure, and support your hardworking team. This platform can include accounting software, they make it easy to move from a previous payroll/benefits/HR system, and offer employees Gusto Wallet to save and spend smarter.

Why you should include Gusto in your start-up stack:

Gusto has customizable onboarding checklists built to keep you organized. You can send offer letters, e-sign and store new-hire paperwork, and set up the software in just a few clicks. These are just a few of the necessary HR-related actions you’ll need to implement for a SOC 2 or ISO 27001 audit.

They also have cool tools specifically for startups to use, like a burn rate calculator that helps you understand when your business will run out of cash on hand and when you’ll start making a profit.


Deel offers payroll and compliance services for international teams. They have a team of experts at the helm, so you no longer have to worry about local laws, complex tax systems, or global payroll.

Why you should include Deel in your startup stack:

Deel’s standard contract templates adhere to local labor standards. That means your finance and people departments no longer need to research and develop location-specific contract details when contracting with someone in a new jurisdiction.


Rippling is designed to help companies of all sizes automate payroll, benefits, devices, apps and more—all from a single platform with just a few clicks.

Because Rippling uniquely connects all these systems through a single set of employee data, businesses can eliminate manual data entry, enable role-based workflow automation, and scale employee operations without having to hire a dedicated team.

Why you should include Rippling in your startup stack:

Whether you have 5 or 500 employees who are co-located, remote, or a hybrid of both, Rippling enables you to:

  • Fully onboard employees in 90 seconds
  • Automate manual tasks with 400+ pre-built app integrations like Google Workspace, Slack, and Office 365
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local labor and tax regulations across 50 states
  • Easily provision or de-provision software, hardware, passwords, and SSO with a few clicks
  • Keep employee devices and data secure with remote device management and OS updates


Checkr offers background checks for modern businesses. Bringing a stodgy service onto a platform-based solution allows for faster turnaround times and streamlines your hiring process.

Why you should include Checkr in your startup stack:

While faster background checks through an accessible platform are great, you know what’s even better? They’re breaking the stigma around hiring employees with criminal backgrounds.


Certn performs local and global background checks while keeping you compliant. Their product was built with customers in mind, allowing businesses to connect via API and white-label the offering.

Certn is the leader in human risk intelligence solutions, focusing on providing real-time comprehensive background checks and ongoing risk monitoring for employees, contractors, and tenants around the world. Through innovative, friendly, and compliant technology, Certn is advancing trusted connections around the world.

Why you should include Certn in your startup stack:

Used by leading employers, staffing firms, property management companies, start-ups, and the gig economy, Certn returns domestic and international criminal background checks, credit reports, reference checks, education verification, employment verification, motor vehicle records, identity verification, and more in minutes.


Alloy helps banks and fintech companies reduce friction between them and their customers by seeing beyond their address and social security number. Helping small credit unions and local banks expand their digital product offerings and trying to help financial institutions remove bias by providing easy access to alternative data verification sources for applicants who might not have traditional identification.

Why you should include Alloy in your startup stack:

Alloy makes it easy for financial services companies to quickly and safely onboard and manage more customers, automating the vast majority of decisions, mitigating fraud and high-cost financial risk, and reducing the burden on the back office and manual review queues.

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