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Everything You Need to Know to Get SOC 2 Compliance for Your Startup

A SOC 2 certification is a critical differentiator in the modern digital world. Download this guide to learn more.

SOC 2 compliance guide

This SOC 2 guide will answer questions like:

What is SOC 2 and why is it important for your company?

What are the Trust Services Criteria?

What is the expected time and cost of SOC 2 compliance?

How to prepare for your SOC 2?

What happens after you receive your SOC 2 report?


Treat SOC 2 compliance like a strategic investment and it will pay dividends

SOC 2 is the gold standard of information security certifications. Achieving a SOC 2 means you are an elite company in terms of protecting client data. This is a badge of honor to wear proudly. The security, privacy, and confidentiality practices you implement will help protect you and your clients from disaster. These best practices will limit exposure and minimize risk.

Because of the expensive and painful downside risk of security breaches, large companies are increasingly requiring SOC 2 certifications from their vendors to do business. In some regulated industries like finance and health care it is almost a must to do business at all.

In the modern digital world, a SOC 2 certification instantly builds trust and signals credibility to the marketplace. Leverage it as a competitive advantage. Not only are you limiting risk with a SOC 2, you can use it to access new markets, move upmarket, and win deals over competing alternatives. Invest in a SOC 2 now and it will pay dividends. This guide will tell you more about what that entails.

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