Penetration Testing for InfoSec Audits, Powered by Laika

Scope and request a pentest, track its progress, and then attach your final report as audit evidence–all from within Laika.
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Not having a penetration test report from a trusted cybersecurity firm can delay your SOC 2 audit and other compliances.

But finding and vetting a pentest vendor on your own adds substantial time and work to your certification process.

Laika saves you time and headache with an audit-ready pentest report delivered quickly and efficiently.

Fast, efficient penetration tests
Step-by-step workflows and automations within Laika
LK_Icon_Time 1 Save time and headache

Instead of spending weeks finding and vetting a vendor, scope and schedule a pentest from our trusted partner in minutes through our app.

LK_Icon_Dashboard 1 In-app experience

Guided workflows and automations help you scope, manage, and then attach your final pentest report as evidence for audit.

LK_Icon_Audit 1 Audit-ready reports

Meet requirements for SOC 2 and other security and privacy standards with a detailed, trustworthy pentest report ready for any auditor.

Penetration testing powered by Laika

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Streamlined in-app experience

Automations and streamlined workflows

1. Scope and request

Go through our step-by-step scoping guide in minutes and then schedule a kick-off.

2. Track and manage

View your draft reports and the number of critical and high-risk vulnerabilities uncovered in each that you’ll need to remediate.

3. Submit as evidence

One click to attach your final report to relevant controls in Laika as evidence for auditors.

Do I need penetration testing?

Meet certification requirements and reassure enterprise buyers

SOC 2 & ISO 27001

Required or at least strongly recommended by reputable audit firms, including Laika Compliance LLC and others.


Explicitly required to pass your audit and obtain certification, and likely to be asked for by enterprise buyers as part of procurement processes.

Laika’s bundled in-app penetration tests include grey-box pentests designed to meet common compliance standards. Read more about penetration testing.

All-in-one compliance solution

Everything you need for SOC 2 and beyond

Laika is the only Compliance-as-a-Service solution includes everything you need to get and stay compliant with SOC 2 and other information security and privacy standards: advanced automations, integrated auditing, and partnership with experts.

Through our unified solution, we deliver the fastest, most efficient path to compliance. Along the way, enjoy unparalleled support and guidance from our compliance experts who provide you a tailored compliance roadmap, support you during audit, and help you develop an effective, scalable continuous compliance program.

Compliance 101

What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing, is a form of "ethical hacking." It is a process where testers attempt to access or exploit vulnerabilities in your organization's computer systems, networks, websites, and applications.
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