Compliance Made Easy for NYCA Companies

Laika's service-and-software offering helps businesses build robust compliance programs and answer enterprise due diligence without the headache

The go-to compliance solution for NYCA companies

Laika provides NYCA customers with a discounted annual subscription and access to industry-leading compliance experts from Citigroup and Flatiron Health. Fill out the form above and recieve personalized services like:

  • Discounted yearly subscription: Get 15% off your first year with Laika
  • Automated evidence gathering. Integrate with your current tools to cut down time spent collecting evidence
  • Specialized audit services. Let Laika handle the day-to-day of the audit process as an extension of your team
  • Hands-on compliance expertise. Sit back as your dedicated expert prepares you for the audit process
Redeem your offer

Streamline all operations end-to-end

Build Audit Scale

Execute, monitor, and manage your processes

Tailor-made tasks for a seamless workflow

Our software takes the pain out of compliance and provides businesses with a simple, tailored task list toward implementation, audit, and beyond.

The bridge between businesses and auditors

Laika was built with auditors in mind, providing a quick, automated model that gets businesses quality reports.

CISO-level support every step of the way

Request on-demand support, implementation guidance, risk assessments from your dedicated team of compliance experts. We're here for you every step.

Serving teams of 5 - 200+


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