Everything compliance
should be

Our end-to-end compliance hub combines essential workflows and built-in best practices, so you can scale without constraints.
Build a bespoke compliance program in minutes

Laika’s guided workflows for standards like ISO 27001, SOC2, and HIPAA helps you quickly connect essential services, instantly create policy documents from templates, and onboard every user, device, and vendor.

Eliminate frustration

The traditional approach to compliance is manual, messy, and expensive. Laika’s complete strategy and expert compliance architects eliminate knowledge gaps and make life easier for everyone.

Expand to new markets

Meet the demands of your biggest enterprise customers. Laika lets you implement a compliance program that cements your status as a trusted vendor, complete new security assessments quickly, and pass the audits you need to run your business in any sector.

Boost confidence and trust

Maintain 100% confidence in your program and costlessly demonstrate compliance to anyone. Laika makes it easy to see and share the details of each certification and audit, giving you and your customers complete peace of mind.

Life before Laika...

Messy handoff to Auditors
“fend-for-yourself” audit experience

Inflexible controls & static monitoring

limited solution cannot keep up when compliance complexity increases

Painful & confusing compliance journey

leaving customers navigating nuanced requirements by themselves

Life with Laika...

Audit experience seamlessly delivered
on Laika, from evidence collection to report in hand

Standards-agnostic data model paired with configurable monitoring, supporting companies of different shapes and forms

Robust expert in-the-loop services,

powered by technology, built in the subscription