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Each instance comes prepared for your compliance needs

  • Intuitive onboarding to assess current policies and practices
  • Easily manage compliance tasks and committees
  • Visualize progress in our dashboard and assign tasks to collaborate directly in Laika

Our platform was built with auditors in mind

Share everything you need to sail through an audit directly in Laika

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As your comprehensive system of record,
Laika stores all your compliance policies and documents

Save countless hours by cutting out manual documentation

View policies in a single dashboard, from change requests to records of company devices

Automatically map controls to frameworks and gather evidence needed for any audit

Leverage unlimited seats to hold security training for your entire company


We've made it even easier to solve any compliance conundrum

Our smart question resource library dramatically reduces turnaround time on vendor security assessments

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Laika is powered by experts

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Laika makes compliance a better experience.
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