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Peach Finance is a cloud-native lending technology platform that helps fintechs and traditional financial institutions launch and scale new lending programs. They are the only lending platform built on an Adaptive Core™, a new technology model that empowers lenders to continually evolve their lending programs in the face of changing technologies, regulations, and customer preferences.  


Dealing with such high-stakes information and data consisting of organizations’ financial information, Peach needed an expert compliance partner to quickly and efficiently help them on their data security compliance journey to continue to close deals with larger enterprises. In order to continue to help other businesses scale in a timely manner and help themselves do the same, Peach was looking for a partner to take the burden and guesswork out of security and risk compliance. Peach had to quickly acquire their SOC 1, SOC 2, and HIPAA certifications without taking away from their main focus of growing their business or detracting from their day-to-day responsibilities. 


Recommended by mutual investors, Peach turned to Laika as the all-in-one security compliance hub, including leveraging Laika’s integrated audit partner, Laika Compliance, LLC. Laika’s team of experts guided Peach to understand the scope of work while providing readily available policy templates along the way to seamlessly implement controls for the best audit outcome.  

Key steps of Peach’s security compliance journey were clearly identified through the help of Laika’s expert Customer Success Managers acting as both a project manager and a platform master in accordance with Laika platform’s easily managed task list, implementations, monitors, and more. Laika’s dedicated team of Compliance Architects leveraged their expertise to aid Peach in drafting policies, moving through the audit quickly, and being equipped to quickly tackle a security questionnaire without having to leave the Laika platform.  

“We needed a security compliance partner we could rely on for the entire preparation and audit process. That included understanding the scope, putting processes in place, creating documentation, using the right tools and implementing the right controls.” 

Gur Brosh – Co-founder & COO, Peach 

“With a forward-thinking organization that works diligently to take every measure to prevent potential risks and threats, Peach worked towards their SOC 1, SOC 2, and HIPAA for all the right reasons, while being amazing partners during the process. Their company value of “Think long-term” was reflected in their desire to go above and beyond in building a great product, a great company, and a secure platform to work with for decades to come.

Amalia Simpson – Customer Success Manager at Laika 


In three months, Peach was audit-ready by leveraging Laika’s platform through seamless integrations and automation processes to verify relevant compliance evidence. Peach successfully obtained their SOC 1, SOC 2, and HIPAA certifications without missing a beat in their business by relying on Laika’s organization and delivery of evidence for an evaluation during audit. 

Recognizing the positive impact of compliance for their business, Peach is now able to grow up-market by building up deep marketplace trust for existing customers and prospects alike. Peach is diligently managing their continuous compliance journey with Laika to keep their security certifications up to date and to continue to manage and scale their business. 

The Customer Success Managers have been outstanding—guiding us through the process and ensuring we’re always on track. This has been one of the highlights of working with Laika.The process has been streamlined and clear, and we’ve never felt unprepared or surprised.

Gur Brosh – Co-founder & COO, Peach

Input from expert

Peach is incredibly up-to-date on industry standards and in tune with what needs to be done to show that compliance will be and should be a growth lever for them at this stage in their business. A critical element to their success was knowing that they are doing it correctly and thoughtfully the first time around. With a deep respect for our opinions, guidance, and recommendations, we have worked together as partners to achieve numerous compliance milestones and mature their program year over year, helping them solve real problems, close big deals, and ultimately reach all of their goals!

Cristina Bartolacci, Compliance Architect at Laika 

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