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Getting a complete picture of a consumer’s finances requires significant engineering time and resources, and every new data source presents its own unique set of challenges. At the same time, millions of Americans are financially underserved, simply because their data is not recognized by the traditional financial system. Pave makes it easier for fintech developers to access a complete view of their end customers’ cash flow and financial profile.


A SOC 2 report was crucial for Pave. As they began building their solution, they knew they needed security and compliance to shape their organization. In interacting with their end-user’s most sensitive data, there’s a critical amount of trust Pave customers must have. Pave knew they needed a solution that could provide thoughtful security and compliance insight. ‘Check-the-box’ solutions wouldn’t fit the bill. They turned to Laika to help build a high-quality compliance program that would develop trust and power their growth.

As a team, this was our first SOC 2 experience. When we were looking for a solution, we wanted a partner that would be able to have a thoughtful dialogue with us. Most of the platforms we looked at didn’t have expertise built in. We saw a lot of value in having someone to sound off against.”

Jack Tannenbaum
Head of Business Operations


Pave’s assigned compliance architect, Shawn Studholme, helped them minimize complexity, move through guided workflows, and answer tough compliance challenges. Shawn provided the team with compliance insights along the way and helped Pave approach security as a core function of their business — understanding how to shape procedures with compliance in mind.

Shawn was our partner throughout this journey. We had someone equally invested as us in getting our report. He would shoot me an email unprompted about something related to our conversation he was thinking about. The level of quality is just such a valuable resource.

Jack Tannenbaum
Head of Business Operations

The Laika platform made it easy for Pave to understand the value behind each control. Instead of recommending controls that were too costly or unrelated, Laika’s customized controls helped Pave understand the purpose behind each control and identify an alternative that makes sense for their current stage.

It took us roughly 5 weeks from when we first started implementing controls to entering the audit kickoff meeting. We would have weekly check-ins with Shawn where we check off boxes and work with our engineer team to understand what needs to be done. Our architect was there for us the whole way through to make sure we were on track.

In 5 weeks, the Pave team was ready to begin their audit process.

Pave worked with Laika Compliance LLC, a leading CPA firm specializing in SOC reporting under AICPA standards. During the audit process, any request that came from the auditor was first passed through Shawn and then to the Pave team if necessary.  In just 1 week, Laika Compliance was able to review, process, and draft a report.

Shawn felt like a member of our company. Once in audit, he was really that first line of defense between us and the auditor. He was so on it that he would only come to us with very targeted tasks so we would know what exactly we needed to provide.


Security is a top priority for Pave. Their SOC 2 report charts a way forward for a more secure solution— one that is optimized not just for greater accessibility, but for security as well. Now embarking on their SOC 2 Type 2 journey, they continue to monitor and update their policies as they grow.

As Pave scales, Laika stands by to answer questions and provide guidance on how to shape the future of Pave’s compliance.

We would have these cross-collaborative calls with our engineering team, Shawn, and Laika’s CISO. Those conversations were incredibly valuable to us because we would talk about how to construct a program that was impactful, and not become a hindrance as we grow.

Jack Tannenbaum
Head of Business Operations

Input from expert

Security and compliance is in Pave’s DNA. Their commitment to keeping data secure goes beyond the check-the-box mentality and extends into the way they run their business. I have no doubt that Pave will continue to provide their customers with the highest level of security, and I’m excited to be working alongside them.

Shawn Studholme
Compliance Architect

Headshot of Shawn Studholme