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Trusted by world leading employers like Indeed, CBRE, Colliers International, Factset & CEPSA, ParkOffice’s award-winning software solves employee parking & transportation issues for companies all over the world. ParkOffice has everything your company needs to make managing employee parking as easy as possible, including: allocation management, access management, communications, occupancy management, and data & reporting.


ParkOffice fundamentally transforms the parking management industry by replacing the traditional, manual model with digital experience to optimize, analyze, and automate employee parking. With their tech-forward approach, they had to ensure their software could guarantee the security to the enterprise customers that make up their ecosystem.

Before we worked with Laika, we weren’t able to really disseminate and communicate information on our compliance posture to our enterprise customers. We were getting a lot of security questionnaires that were cumbersome, so we started our own due diligence journey to find a vendor that would bring us through an audit and help us answer questionnaires.

Chief Operating Officer


After performing their own due-diligence, ParkOffice chose Laika as their trusted compliance platform due to the hybrid model of software and human expertise.

Laika was massive in helping us understand the ‘why’ behind so many of the technical and non technical pieces of security controls that we didn’t have much context over. I also can’t speak highly enough about the quality of service and the incredible attention to detail that came from our team of Laika experts.

Chief Operating Officer

Laika’s team of compliance experts guided ParkOffice through every step of the SOC 2 process, from implementation to post audit and DDQ assistance. Whenever any challenge came up, Laika was there to give counsel in real time and provide assurance immediately. In fact, ParkOffice was able to onboard onto the Laika platform and complete the necessary technical controls to answer a security questionnaire all within a week.

Along with help from the compliance architects, ParkOffice used Laika Playbooks to move their SOC 2 Type 1 that tested against the security and confidentiality trust services criteria. Playbooks guided them through a step-by-step task list to implement necessary controls that were required for SOC 2 after an initial gap analysis.

The product is exceptional. Between the ease of uploading evidence, getting tangible tasks that tell us what to do, and understanding the percentage metrics as you work towards obtaining the different accreditation, the software was quite self-serving.

ParkOffice leveraged Laika Compliance LLC, a CPA firm specializing in SOC reporting under AICPA standards. Because of the integrated audit experience between Laika and Laika Compliance LLC, ParkOffice was able to receive their report in 3 weeks with minimal back and forth.

The audit process was absolutely painless, and both Laika Compliance and Laika made our 3 weeks less of a headache. Once we kicked off the audit, there was one technical follow up call and a draft report meeting. We were incredibly impressed and satisfied with the entire process.


Laika continues to be ParkOffice’s compliance command center for managing controls, policies, vendor risk and more. As they work towards SOC 2 Type 2, Laika’s team of compliance experts are there to guide them through their implementation, audit, and growth journey.


Looking at this retrospectively, the SOC 2 process would have been a lot more manual without Laika. And to have our product, solution, and techstack up to standards with SOC 2 is excellent, especially for being a young startup. It’s a huge enabler for our sales team as well to communicate that we are up to scratch with SOC 2.

Chief Operating Officer

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Congratulations to the ParkOffice team for receiving their SOC 2 report! They have implemented the tightest measures to safeguard their platform, user environments and code integrity. The ParkOffice team has gone above and beyond for their customers, and their approach to security is no different. I look forward to working with them closely in the future.

Amalia Simpson
Strategic Customer Success Manager

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