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interVal is a SaaS platform designed for small businesses and advisors to measure and monitor the value, performance, and health of a business in real time.

interVal connects business owners with their advisors in an automated and continuous feedback loop, surfacing the changing value and health metrics of the business so that they can both react – in the moment – to make critical decisions, mitigate risks, and help build a better, stronger, and more resilient business.


Without stretching their resources thin, interVal wanted an efficient, educational, and timely path to completing their SOC 2, but needed help finding the starting line. They were seeking support to bridge the gaps in both compliance education and execution, specifically around templates, documentation, and completing evidence requests. 

With their platform designed for small businesses and advisors to measure and monitor the value, performance, and health of a business in real time, it only made sense for interVal to seek out a compliance partner that helps them be confident in their security posture to continue to scale. 

“Many of the questions we would have from vendors and partners are addressed through the SOC 2 type 1 attestation. Laika’s platform and team of experts have helped us reduce the amount of time spent navigating those questions by about 90%, allowing us to focus our time on helping our customers and building an impactful business.” 

Aaron Finkenzeller, CTO 


With integrations and automations being integral to an efficient and seamless audit preparation process, Laika’s platform supported interVal’s eagerness to properly set up their compliance program with a quality report as a top priority. Additionally, interVal valued the countless educational resources Laika had to offer. This included a team of experts that not only helped interVal’s team stay on track with tasks and deadlines, but also valuable compliance knowledge that helped them understand the reasoning behind their policies, controls, and other security protocols. 

With a proactive approach and an achievable deadline, interVal leveraged Laika’s in-platform project management tools to understand every necessary and recommended step, with clear guidance along the way. 

Additionally, using Laika’s integrated audit partner, Laika Compliance, interVal never had to leave the platform or worry about duplicative work when it came time for their audit. 

“We had a wonderful team to work with, which was a huge selling point initially when we considered Laika, and it made a massive difference to us. We had great support for questions, concerns, problems, and even felt a part of Laika, knowing that they listen to their customer’s feedback. The team at Laika helped us understand the spirit of the SOC 2 framework requirements, and guided us with useful documentation and templates that were not part of the typical path. Our team even helped us navigate incoming security questionnaires while we were implementing, so that we could stay on track with our timeline.”

Aaron Finkenzeller, CTO  


In 90 days, the company of 20 employees was able to build policies and implement the necessary controls from Laika’s templates, outlined action items, project management tools, and of course, the Laika team on their side. 

Working with their customer success manager and compliance architect, interVal was able to stay on track and achieve their goals of becoming a compliant organization, and ultimately help their customers. The interVal and Laika team quickly became one well-oiled machine with one compliance goal in mind. With the CSMs as project managers and the compliance architects as their compliance guides, the interVal team was rendered unstoppable, a testament to their determination and dedication to strive for quality work. 

Notably, interVal now understands that compliance is not just a report, but rather a language that customers speak and think in when it comes to business success. With Laika’s services on hand, interVal was given the tools to successfully expand their compliance knowledge to feel empowered to masterfully continue to elevate the game for real-time valuation data. They are able to speak all of their customers’ language without hesitation, allowing them to create an impactful platform.  

“The team members at Laika helped us learn to think in SOC 2, and really understand and adopt the framework as part of how we operate. Changing our mindset about compliance, reporting, and evidence in a SOC 2 way took some time and effort. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey, and it’s continuous.” 

Aaron Finkenzeller, CTO 

With the help of Laika, interVal is tackling compliance the right way, by starting with the right foundations and understanding that investing in compliance at this stage of their business will prove to the competitive landscape that they are here to flourish. With their SOC 2 Type 1 now complete, they are working towards their SOC 2 Type 2 with the continued support of Laika to maintain and monitor their compliance. 

“Laika truly removes any blocker to innovation through compliance. At interVal, we pride ourselves in having an educated team to better understand how to connect with our customers, tailor our platform, and remain an impactful business. Laika’s resources went above and beyond in making it not only incredibly easy to accomplish compliance tasks to get to the audit, but also enjoyable to learn what goes into the compliance journey. We felt Laika enabled us to have full control over our compliance program, while still holding us accountable to meeting our predetermined deadline. We can’t thank Laika enough!”

Aaron Finkenzeller, CTO 

Input from expert

“The interVal team is a mighty powerhouse that is ready to make an impact on small businesses accessing important data and financial metrics. Their eagerness to learn and understand that compliance goes beyond simply completing tasks made it all the more exciting to work with them. interVal is excited to accomplish their compliance goals and apply it to their own business. With a front seat to their compliance journey, I see only success coming from interVal proactively going about their SOC 2 while doing it right the first time.” 


Alek Mosholt, Compliance Architect at Laika 

Headshot of Alex Mosholt on a grey background