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"It really impacts us significantly. When you are starting a company like this and you are connecting to financial workflows, you need to build trust. Having a SOC 2 is so helpful in our conversations"

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"Even if you are a one or two person startup, it’s worth getting on Laika. The longer you wait to get compliant, the harder it becomes. We would not have received our SOC 2 audit report without Laika, and in many ways they have become an indispensable part of our team"

"Laika has done a great job of demystifying compliance at Blooma. They have taken us through the necessary steps to give us the best chance of passing various regulatory compliance initiatives on the first go. The Laika platform has been easy to use, and we will continue to use them as an extension of our Blooma compliance team"

"Dana and Amalia walked us through the platform, and it was easy to see our progress and the outstanding tasks we needed to do...they were experts on individual tasks as well, giving great guidance on the technical details of requirements in plain English. Other platforms just don’t provide that type of on-demand support."

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"Laika had this breadth of experience about compliance, especially on how other startups went through the same process. It was genuinely a warm blanket in this space of compliance and SOC 2 where we didn’t know anything."

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"I've loved my experience working with Laika. We were able get up and running quickly, accelerate our growth, and see results after 3 weeks of audit. And Laika's been an exceptional partner throughout the entire process. We went from nothing to SOC 2 compliant quicker than I ever would have thought possible with their tools and help."

"We needed a team that would help us get our reports, choose an auditor, and get us through the audit process. When we first started looking, we looked at who would help us get our reports in the most time-efficient way possible while still ensuring quality work. Without Laika, achieving these reports definitely would’ve been harder."

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"Laika is our compliance companion. Laika is the best option for us because not only do they have all the same SaaS integrations for SOC 2 audit, but they are scalable beyond SOC 2 as well. Also, their team guides you through everything which is exactly what we wanted. Saves us from needing to do outside research when building our policies..."

"Laika has been a great product and experience for us. They make it fairly easy to implement all the controls required quickly. And they hook up to all your SaaS apps to automatically fetch data that auditors use as evidence for their tests. Helped us out a lot with policy selection, implementation and general best practices."

"Laika is the gold standard of compliance. The Laika team did an excellent job in quickly turning our start-up into a SOC2 compliant organization. The software is very intuitive to use and the audit process was a breeze with the Laika team acting as our intermediary between us and the auditors."

"After evaluating several vendors to support us through the SOC 2 process, we chose Laika for their blend of hands-on and technology-driven solutions. We had a dedicated relationship manager and compliance expert every step of the way to guide us through the SOC 2 audit process"

"Within 7 days we were able to complete all the controls needed to answer a huge DDQ. Being able to achieve the highest level of controls with quality procedural documents, that we know large enterprises will scrutinize, was like nothing else."

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"We would have these cross-collaborative calls with our engineering team, Shawn, and Laika’s CISO. Those conversations were incredibly valuable to us because we would talk about how to construct a program that was impactful, and not become a hindrance as we grow. Especially for a small company, that service was unmatched. "

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