Compliance Guide: SOC 2 for Your Startup

Compliance Guide: SOC 2 for Your Startup

Becoming SOC 2 compliant isn’t an easy feat. It takes significant time, effort, and resources to get that first clean report. What’s more, it seems like the bulk of SOC 2 resources are meant for larger, more traditional companies. So, what’s a startup to do?

We created this detailed guide specifically for growth-minded founders looking to become SOC 2 compliant for the first time (or for those trying again). This resource provides guidance on how to navigate the complex field of SOC 2 compliance from start to finish. It explains what startups need to know about defining their audit’s scope, what to expect in terms of time and cost, how to prepare, and what to do after the report is in.

Get ready to hurdle the SOC 2 learning curve

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