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Compliance Guide: HIPAA for Startups

HIPAA wasn’t written for tech startups. It’s difficult to translate vague, risk-focused HIPAA requirements into actionable controls and policies. What’s more, it takes significant time, money, and effort to become HIPAA-compliant.
Yet many startups need HIPAA compliance to grow and thrive. Not only do startups need to meet HIPAA requirements to handle certain types of data, but they can’t even dream of working with customers in the health industry without compliance; federal law (and the customers themselves) won’t allow it.
To help startups looking to navigate the complexity of HIPAA compliance, we mapped out the most important things founders need to know. This resource runs through why HIPAA is important for startups, how much it costs, what’s involved, and what’s recommended for startup teams pursuing compliance.

Download our guide to HIPAA for Healthcare Startups here: